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    APS ELITE SERIES LED LIGHT PODS are pure excellence. We offer the most practical LED pod lights for all situations without having an obnoxious amount of options. Whether you are looking for distance lighting, area lighting, accent lighting or a combination of all these options APS ELITE SERIES POD LIGHTS are the lights for you.   

    APS ULTRA BEAM LED LIGHT PODS are by far the most superior pod lights on the market! We’ve taken our proven True Beam Lens Technology to the next level. Utilizing extremely bright CREE XHP-50 LED’s and super tight 5 degree focused projector lenses you will truly be able to see the distance!!

    APS ACCENT LED LIGHT PODS utilize 4 super bright CREE XML-2 LED’s with a proven True Beam Lens Technology to push a super focused 5 degree beam. We’ve added blue, red, and Amber accent LED’s for those who want to add some style to the rig. 

    APS LED WORK LIGHTS bring a massive amount of light to any situation. Utilizing 16 CREE XT-E LED’s and 45 degree scratch resistant and impact resistant lenses these LED work lights are a must have if you need to light up a massive area.